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It’s intresting to note that many librarians blog. What I would like to find out is why? Librarians have created their own community online to share their experiences and even interest. Blogs even create a link for all of them to communicate.

This link looks at a general census of librarian’s blogs.



Since I have begun this course, I have learnt many things about libraries that I have taken for granted. For instance, The Children’s Library. I really appreciate this library and so do the children that flock there. The layout is colourful and attractive and the staff are courteous. They offer so many programmes for children to enjoy and learn. There are crafts, storytelling and movies. There is even a storytelling room where there are special lights that depict a starry night. Every month they, have a list of activities for children to enjoy. One simply has to visit the library and ask for the monthly programme.

This link below outline the activities that the children enjoy in of February 2011.


I do not play mas, but I do listen, enjoy and appreciate the music. As a driver the Carnival season can be very upsetting. Particularly at peak hours when you want to reach home the most. On an individual basis, I feel more drivers are taking precautions to ensure that they are not drunk so that the do not get charged. However, the driving seems ludicrous. So I would like to petition other to be careful. Even if you are not the driver, ensure that your driver is a safe driver.

And drivers, be careful of road rage this season. It is deadly.


Posted on: February 20, 2011

I am Jamila Williams and i am not much of talkative person so my blogs might be a little vauge. However, I hope that everyone ejoys reading them and can find something to relate to. 🙂

Every individual has his or her own reasons for loving or not loving the library. Most people are unaware of the benefits and even the programs that the library has to offer. Even before I starting off in this field of study, was not privy to all the programs that the National Library had to offer. As I learnt though, you can get so caught up in spending time there and learning new things that it can be hard at to imagine the library any other way or as a boring place that it is often depicted as. So when I viewed this link I could not help but imagine what it would be like if everyone viewed the library this way.