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How many ‘Trinbagonians’ really like to read? When the government announced free education, the demand for books and scholarly material soared. However, technology has made it easier for many perusing higher education to access scholarly material through the internet and the many databases.

Nevertheless, the use of e-books are still having a slow ‘pick up’ in ‘Trinbago’ even though the national library endorses its use. At the same time the American Library Association has constructed a website to make e-book use easier for libraries as some publishers refuse to make their books accessible through this format. Hopefully, ‘Trinbagonians’ will catch on and benefit from this development. Check out the link below that endorses the development of this new website.




the global recession is impacting everything. We all are aware of it and we can all feel the pinch in our pockets.

As students we are aware of the cuts that are being made to librarian budgets and staff. We can ask ourself :

“If I could do something to prevent budget cuts to my library, what can I do?”

This being the case, take a look at what one individual’s opinion of saving the library involved.