Budget Cuts

Posted on: April 5, 2011

the global recession is impacting everything. We all are aware of it and we can all feel the pinch in our pockets.

As students we are aware of the cuts that are being made to librarian budgets and staff. We can ask ourself :

“If I could do something to prevent budget cuts to my library, what can I do?”

This being the case, take a look at what one individual’s opinion of saving the library involved.




3 Responses to "Budget Cuts"

That blog was so true. It is good to know that there are people out there who have the heart to care and do something about different situations. As our country’s budget is decreasing to, I hope that we as library students can come together and make a change. Find ways to help because the library is now becoming the home of many many children.

Interesting. for this to work here you have to have participation from the community, the library patrons and the staff.

In libraries today, we have seen how budget cuts have greatly impacted some of the services we provide to our users. We can apply some of the concepts outlined in this blog to deal with some of the problems faced in our own libraries.

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